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6 Popular handloom sarees that originated in Bengal

Kolkata is the City of Joy, whereas West Bengal is the state of cultural richness. Hence, people of Kolkata are always very joyous and culturally stylish.

The touch in fashion styles often come from the ethnicity of different regions of Bengal. And when we talk about fashion clothing, you just cannot skip the name of those sarees.

Hence, different varieties of sarees well known in Bengal handloom tradition are –

Baluchari Saree

This saree is from Bengal and is about 5 yards long generally. Baluchar is a little area in West Bengal where balucharisarees are woven for a very long time. The field of the saree is secured with a stunning botanical plan and little butis over the edges. Balucharisarees are mainstream for their extensive pallo and outskirts. The anchal has amazing and unparalleled example account with themes. Normal hues used for baluchari saree are Neptune blue, purple and red.

Tant Saree

Tant sarees are muslin with a touch of nitty gritty pallus and is coordinated with crochet outskirts. They are light and ideal for hot and muggy summers of West Bengal.

Jamdani Saree

It is light and transparent handloom saree. A unique and unparalleled component of these sarees is the presence of its immense varieties in terms of design. Styles, for example, peacocks, tribal geometry and blossoms are the most famous ones. Jamdanis are particularly hailed in straightforward handloom cotton saree.

Shantipuri Saree

The Shantipurisarees are named after the little town Shantipur in the Nadia locale of West Bengal. These saareees are entirely delicate and smooth in surface.

Garad Silk 

These sarees are well known for puja, celebrations or any promising occasion. They comprise of plain red outskirts set against a characteristic ground with cream, grayish and white as basic. These sarees are made with the self zariu work to give it an exquisite look.

Kanthas Work 

Being gotten from the Bengali word “Naksha” which implies imaginative outlines, the sarees are hand-weaved with different prints and plans, for example, blooms, trees, history, old human advancement and so on.

The Tant saree is a handloom cotton saree, a preferable choice among the ladies of Bengal and Bangladesh. The Tant handloom is woven from the cotton strings and famous for its delicacy and simplicity.

It is a breathable surface and hence supported for day by day use in muggy and hot atmospheres. Burdwan, Nadia, Hooghly, Murshidabad arranged in Bengal state are prevalent habitats for Tant weaves.

Essentially Tangail and Dhaka sarees in Bangladesh are additionally well known for their Tant sarees.

The industry of handloom sarees in India is growing consistently. Hence, several fashion houses, such as Gopa Gupta, have been set up to offer the best handloom saree designs to fashionable women throughout the world.

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